101 List To Backlinking
January 7, 2010
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101 List To Backlinking

If you have started with SEO tactics then you know backlinking your site is one of the most time consuming tasks and most expensive. This is a list of many different ways to building backlinks to your sites and how to do them efficiently. I will go over two lists here, one is the right way to build backlinks and the other is how NOT to build backlinks.

The 77 Right Ways

Article Syndication

1. Create articles and give them away to article distribution sites, such as Blazingarticles, EzineArticles and GoArticles. To save some time you can pick up a article submitter such as Mass Article Control. (Please note I am an affiliate of this program and will earn money from it. This allows me to write up these killer posts and recommend only the best resources I have tested)

2.Write a press release and distribute them though PRWeb, PRNewswire or PRLeap (Make sure to take the time to make it Good (compelling and newsworthy)

3. Write articles for your industry’s news. For example, Internet marketers can write for Clickz, MarketingProfs or SiteProNews.

4. Control who uses your articles or swap articles with other site owners whos sites are link yours.

5. Create a survey on your site and then publish the results. Visitor activity helps your site continue to grow and create many links.

6.With the articles your created submit PDF versions of it to site like Scribd.

Add Your Site To Directories

7.List your website on DMOZ, while it does not hold as much weight as it used to it still proves to be one of the top directories.

8. These directories you will have to pay for however they hold a lot of weight in the backlinking world Yahoo! Directory, and Best of the Web.

9. Make sure you get listed in a specialist directory for your industry. I have found Go2Web20 is a great resource for this.

10. Bookmark your web sites and ask your friends to digg your postings. A quick submission to 20 top book marking web sites is a site I use called OnlyWire. You can use a software version of this which I would highly recommend called Bookmarking Demon.(Please note I am an affiliate of this program and will earn money from any orders via this link. This allows me to create the best quality content on my blog to help you in your endeavors.)

11. If a directory does not exist create your own niche specific directory and include your site

Easy Free Links

12. Join sites like Yahoo! Answers, be sure to answer with quality answers and if the question has to do about your web site feel free to link to it.

13. Set up a My Space page for your site.

14. Set up a Facebook profile, group or fan page for your site.

15. Search the web for other leading social networks some off the top of my head would be. Giblink, MyYearBook and BeBo. Create profiles and link to your site.

16. Create pages on high PR sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Wetpaint, Webs and more.

17. Find a forum that fits your market place and show yourself as an expert. Many forums will allow you to include a signature add your links there.

18. Comment on others blogs. (Leave valid and helpful information to these post only.)

19. Join Google Groups and provide links to relevant resources.

Local & Business Links

20. List your site at the local library’s web site.

21. Create an affiliate program.

22. Get a link from your local chamber of commerce.

23. Join the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

24. Connect with other business’s in your field that are non competing to link to your site. An example would be if you own a restaurant have your food providers link to you.

25. Create relationships with other owners they could be JV partners down the road


26. People love reviews and search for them every day. Review products on

27. Review related sites on Alexa.

28. Review products and services on shopping search engines such as ePinions.

29. If you buy a product and like it or dislike it create a review of it for others to read. This can be done on Squidoo, Hubpages or your own blog.

People love FREE

30. Write and downloadable ebook and give it away for free on your website.

31. Offer a free podcast

32. Offer downloadable content such as templates, images, screensavers and software.

33. Create a competition on your web site and make the prize worth value.


34. Create a blog for your business and post to it at least every 3 days.

35. Link to other blogs, WordPress shows any trackbacks and that blog owner may link back to your site to return the favor.

36. Tag your pages on Technorati.

37.Add your blog to Best of Web Blogs

Paying For Links

38. Find sites related to yours and offer a fair price for a link back to your page

39. Run a Google Adwords campaign

40. Try Pay Per Post to get other bloggers to blog about your products and services

41.Hire a consultant to build links for you. This can be expensive but you can find some on the WarriorForum

Create list postings

42. I am not sure what it is but people LOVE post just like this one. Create top 10 lists or 101 lists and post it

43. Create a resource page and have others exchange links with you on theirs.

44. Create a list of top 10 myths about a specific category.

Become a Guru

45. Position yourself as a leader in forums and blogs. Get your name and website into press articles.

46. Offer to speak at industry events. The people you speak to may have blogs and blog about you as a speaker and your web site.

47. Create a bio and photo of yourself on your site for others to download and use when they write about you.

Design as a Linking Element

48. Get your site into the Web 2.0 era. Create content that is interactive and can be easly linked to.

49. Validate and 508 your site. This (indirect) method makes your site more trustworthy and linkable, especially for governmental sites or design-oriented communities.

Other factors

50. Many people own more then one web site. In the footer of each site place small links that link to the other sites you own.

51. Create your 404 error page and have it like to another site you own

52. Offer something of value for people to send a tweet out on twitter in exchange for what you are offering them.

53. Ask your web site designer to link back to your site

54. Phone Directories add your contact information and web site to online phone directories

55. Submit your resume to job directories include your website link in your resume.

56. Create coupon codes for your site

57. Use coupons and add them to coupon directories and lists.

58. Submit your website to price comparison sites

59. Create a linkwheel for example Sean Supplee- How To LinkWheel

60. Offer a free membership (helps promote higher level memberships and more activity)

Help others

61. Offer review copies for people to try your product and write up a review.

62. Review other products and have them link to your site.

63. Provide testimonials on sites and products

64. Create manuals and step-by-step guides that relate to your business

65. Provide valuable information and list it on wikipedia

66. Unleash a secret one that has helped you few know about

67. Host online seminar

RSS Feeds

68. Many of your sites have an RSS feed to them submit them to FeedYes, Feedraider and Feedage.

69. Use Web Traffic Genius to build RSS feeds quickly. (Please note I am an affiliate of this product and will earn money for any orders made though this link. This allows me to write killer posts such as this.)

70. Make your RSS feed easy to access on your page. Many site owners will link directly to your RSS feed.

Classified Ads

71. Create free ads on Craigslist (Small biz ads category)

72. Create free ads at USFreeAds

73. Create an ad at Oodle

74. Create an ad at Epage (Use URL – Anchor text is not allowed)

Software Distribution

75. Create a custom toolbar at Conduit

76. Create a PAD file using PadGen

77. Create some type of software geared around your business and submit it to Software Directories

24 Ways How NOT to Build Links


78. Directories – Paying to add your site to directories which will never result in traffic

Forum Spam

79. List 100 sites in your signature file

80. Only post when you can create links to your own pages

81. Joining forums and asking dumb questions or providing no value to the community

82. Posting on topics that are outdated and have not been posted to for years

83. Do not list to many links in your signature file best bet is 2

Blog Spam

84. Leaving comments such as – This post was awesome thank you” Your comments should add value

85. Using automated bots to spam blogs

86. Send random pings to every blog you can think of

87. Leaving comments not with your name but with keywords

Trashy Link Exchanges

88. Send out a link exchange request mentioning Pagerank.

89. Do not list your site at fee link farms.

90. Do not send out automated link request to other site owners

Your site

91. Make sure your site is of value auto blogs have become popular however they provide no value and leach off of other sites

92. Hard to navigate, pages do not exist

93. Poorly written articles with spelling and grammar mistakes.

Pestering Power

94. Do not pester webmaster, If your site is of value they will link to you.

95. If someone asks to be removed from your mailing list DO IT it’s the law

96. Sending webmasters alerts of every post you make

97. Steal content by well know names

98. Sue other web sites in trying to gain publicity for your own site

99. Go to the webmasters conference and bother him or her the entire time about your site

100. Instead of asking people what their name is, ask what their URL is. As soon as you get their URL ask if they have linked to your site yet and if not, why not.

101. Do not create fake accounts on forums and other sites simply to build spammy backlinks

Some of these ideas where taken from SEO Book A great resource.

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