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3 Content Creation Tips That Will Increase Sharing
March 12, 2016


Content takes a great deal of time and resources to build when your want to deliver high quality. Always with content creation your main goal is to increase exposure and create more sales. However your content creation can end up failing you big time if its not content people want to see. Here are the top 3 types of social media content that will give you the greatest value as per our testing in 2015 and Q1 of 2016.

Interactive Content

Get your visitors engaged and taking part in your blog posts. Offering interactive content is actually very easy but you might not have known about it till now that is.

The single most powerful of these is the quiz.

Take a few popular questions about the niche you are in and ask your readers for their feedback. Honestly this is a powerful way for bloggers to also get valuable feedback from their readers about content they enjoy reading and want to learn about the most for your next product launch.


If your not using images on all of your content then you are missing out greatly on popular networks such as Pinterest, Instagram and a few others where they thrive on images and image sharing. Some things to consider in you create you own images.

Include items such as your blogs url within the image somewhere, your products name, appealing headlines that get people to click on your images and then view your blog. These images should also be set as your social shares on Facebook and Twitter.

Images such as these have increased my share rates by over 100% in some cases. Twitter alone with image results in better exposure and more real estate on others monitors resulting in more Clicks, Likes and Retweets.

One other thing to note here is I still prefer images over videos. Videos have always for me anyways resulted in a lower share rate compared to images.


List continue to win out, I created my first list post back in 2010 you can fine it here – 101 List How To Promote Your Website Which still to this day continues to be shared and visited from search engines.

Created powerful lists small or large get peoples attention and as a tip also increase open rates on emails from testing I have done. Lists posts as well as infographic featuring a list type setup where the top two shared content over the lifetime of this blog.

The conclusion – Creating content is always good however I highly recommend focusing on these 3 first. Not only are these the 3 most commonly shared and most shared they also provide valuable feedback from your reader base so you know what type of content and on what subjects the love the most. By catering your next content to your highest sought after request from your quiz will be sure to net you amazing results!

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Sean Supplee

Sean Supplee is the founder and CEO of this blog, Its got my name on it! Passion drives me to help other bloggers and those looking to take their knowledge and share it with the world. Coach, Mentor, Social Strategist and Funnel Consultant.

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  • Marcus Wahl says:

    I liked the interactive tip, my most shared post is a quiz. So your dead on with your post.