3 Things You Need To Be Doing With Google+
December 15, 2011

Here are 3 things you can do right now with Google + to quickly become the new leader in social media. Think of Google + as getting on Facebook when it  first started and being able to become one of the leaders in your niche and connect with thousands. Here are a number of ways you should currently be using Google + in order to maximize your exposure on it and show yourself as an authority figure on it.

#1 – Be active with other leaders

The core user base of Google + are bloggers and other key people which see the true potential of the network. This is a great way to meet other leaders and start gaining exposure and connecting with them. By being active and adding these key players to your circles now will yield you massive results in the months and years to follow. Take action now, be proactive and easy to reach on Google +.

  • Comment wherever you can – provide valuable helpful content within circles and pages. This will help increase your exposure and if you have a new Google + page be sure to sign in and use that. For more information about setting up your Google + page see my other blog at Setting up your Google + page.
  • Promote where needed – Promote your products and services where they are needed. Always keep in mind there is a fine line between promotion and spam. Keep it simple and don’t overkill it. You will see much better results this way.
  • Be sure to fill out your profile fully with detailed information about your sites and other social networks you belong to. This gives people extra areas to connect with you and find out more about what you do and who you are.

#2 – Manage your large circles with Sparks

Sparks is a hot tool to use with large circles. Think of them as Google Alerts and using them will allow you to jump in on hot topics which you can add your insightful information too. Think of creative ways to build circles and use sparks to gain more exposure for yourself and your business Google + page.

#3 – Use hangouts as podcasts or educational tools

Hangouts allow you to become an authority figure and allow you to connect with all your Google + friends in that circle. It’s a great way to start a pod cast and build up a brand online.  Your pod casts should be related to your circle and as informational and helpful as possible. This is a great way to increase exposure through others telling their friends about what you are offering.

Using these 3 tips to Google + will get you on the right track to building yourself up as an authority figure on Google + and yield you benefits for months and years to come.

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  • Hey Sean,

    I love coming to your blog to see what you are going to suggest next. Love the tips on how to properly use Google+. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll have to try them out! 🙂