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3 Tips To Increase Customer Loyalty
November 17, 2015


In the era we live in today with social networks, tweets, and a higher interaction with a company custom loyalty no longer comes in just what you offer as a product but now also what is offered on the back end of support.

I will be going over 3 of the top key elements that should improve your customer loyalty. Keeping customers is much easier then trying to attack new ones and is more cost effective.

Number One – Go The Extra Mile

I can’t even tell you how many products and services I have used in the past where I sent in a support ticket and was told oh well this is not related to their product so go contact them instead. Your support team should be knowledgeable and while there should be a boundary as to what is offered outside of what your product offers you can still offer some helpful advice or a link or two about where to go to find the answers your customer is looking for instead of just sending them off.

Of course make note of this to your customer when you reply back, but doing this little extra step will greatly reward you some extra loyalty points!

Number Two – Let Them Leave on A Positive Note

Not every product you launch is for each person. They might sign up and ask for a refund because it does not fit their needs and guess what this is perfectly fine! Don’t put up a fight and honor your refund if it is within your TOS Or cancel the member out and wish them a great day etc.

Keeping a positive impact on someone even if they leave will remember this and have positive things to say about your business if someone else asks. Also they could end up buying a future product from you! But leaving on a bad note could result in backlash towards your company and someone who will never do business with anything that deals with you again no matter how good it might be.

Number Three – The Future Is Yours!

In a recent study it was shown that people 70% of the time buy on impulse then on a rational decision 30%. Use this to your advantage by thinking ahead about what your customer should learn about next.

For example you have a course on Facebook ads, the next logical step might be promoting via Linkedin ads or Youtube/video hosting.

By creating other avenues of where you believe your customer should go next you can build more income and provide even better products and support for your customers.

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