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4 Stages Of Content Marketing Automation
January 13, 2020

Content creation has become a huge part of the marketing world recently. No longer is producing a few decent quality articles good enough. In this video and blog post I go over the four key parts to content marketing automation.

Get Your Copy Of The Content Marketing Blueprint

Step 1: Planning

Planning starts with a blueprint. You can get yourself a copy of the blueprint I use myself via the button above.

This blueprint gives you a map of the content you will be producing for each core content you produce such as a podcast, blog post or youtube video.

Step 2: Creation

Creating micro content that will be used to push the core content but also create engagement and branding for your business. The creation process can be one of the most time consuming and confusing processes which I broke down in my content marketing product you can get above.

Step 3: Posting

Now that you created all of this content it needs to be posted. Automating this part is key to success as it will eat up a large portion of your time.

Step 4: Feedback

Listening to those who comment back is important. It will give you ideas for your future postings and let you know what your audience wants more of from you.

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  • Planning, creation, posting, feedback. Great way to break the basics down into their simplest form. Thank for the article.