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3 Reasons Why Your Conversions Are Failing
October 17, 2011

Higher conversion rates increase your chances of success online. In this article I will be going over the top 3 things that can lower your conversion rates. By knowning these and avoiding them you will increase your conversion rates.

1. Blinded by your own knowledge

What you like and what your looking for might not exactly be what your audience is looking for. What you need to do is understand your visitors and what they are looking for. The more you are able to cater to their needs and help them the higher your conversion rates will be. Track your traffic and see what keywords they are using (easly done via Google Analytics). By understanding this you can create your products around these common questions or issues.

2. Focusing on only one type of goal

Every website owner has a goal, be that to get more traffic to their site, more leads for their list or a number of others. By only having one goal you end up digging yourself a hole that is hard to get out of. Sit down and write up a list of goals for your site such as increasing traffic flow or higher conversion rates on that traffic. Doing small changes to your sites layout can have a drastic impact on increasing or decreasing your conversion rates all from the same amount of traffic. Goals of overall sales are important as well. While you might be making more transactions are you actually making more money from your new one month trial? Asking and tracking important questions as these will help paint a larger picture and allow you to tackle any issues that might arise.

3. Nothing works

If you have ever sat there and come to the conclusion nothing is working then you are not looking in the right areas of your site or overall sales funnel. Your site and sales process has a number of key factors in it. While tweaking on site design might not be getting you any more leads there are things you can do within your auto-responder or from the thank you pages and subscription pages to push future sales. Some ideas might include: a better follow up series which pushes other products of yours and outlines a clear path to success for your new subscriber, adding an ad to your thank you page that your new lead sees when joining your list.

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