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5 Top Ways To Increase Your Alexa Ranking
November 4, 2011

Alexa is a great tool for finding out where your site stands verses others.  The issue many have is trying to increase this ranking or stalling out once they hit a certain level. Here are the top 5 ways on how to increase Alexa ranking and become one of the most popular websites out there.

#1 Download the Alexa Toolbar

Alexa pulls many of their stats and ranking from users who have their toolbar installed. Having it attached to your browser as you surf your own sites will help in increasing your rankings. You can download this tool bar on their site at Alexa’s Toolbar Download

#2 Encourage others to leave feedback

Visitors can help rank your site higher by providing feedback about your site. Encourage them to do so by asking them or giving away something of value. If you like what I write about please write a review on my Alexa site and I will be happy to return the favor. You can do so here

#3 Traffic is key

Traffic is a big part of your ranking as well. Even a small increase in your unique visitors will have a dramatic effect on your rankings. Take a few hours out of your day and write up a few articles and submit them to sites like EzineArticles, GoArticles and BlazingArticles. You can also buy advertising to increase your rankings via PPC on networks such as Google Adwords, Yahoo’s Ad Network and MSN’s Ad Network

#4 Create an Affiliate program

Affiliates can bring a massive amount of traffic to your sites at no cost to you other then a percentage of each sale they bring. This is a great way to build traffic, exposure and sales for your business.

#5 Do keyword research

If you own a blog then doing keyword research before each post you make can have a huge effect on ranking for the right keywords and driving hundreds more visitors to your pages. Use Google’s Keyword Tool to find the best ones to rank for.

While these are not the only methods for increasing your Alexa rankings they are some of the tops that will have a dramatic effect. For more traffic and money making tips for your sites check out my ebook by filling out the form in the right hand menu with your name and email address.

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