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5 Ways Interactive Content Helps Drive Web Revenues
November 8, 2012

The main things to any successful website are increased site traffic, time on site, unique visitors and more subscribers. But what can you do to increase all of these things at the same time? The answer is interactive content and here are five way interactive content helps pump up your website revenues.

1. Website traffic

Having interactive content really bring the masses to your site. Be it a simple voting which people care share on Facebook and twitter or a full blown interactive community forum. When you take stats such as 1.5 million pieces of content are shared on Facebook daily and Twitter users post more then 55 million tweets per day you can quickly see how easy it would be to get your pages social love and more people visiting your page.

2. Time on site

Time on site is a very important factor in creating a solid business website. If a visitor comes to your site does not find what they want and leaves in a matter of 5 seconds then there is seriously something wrong. The longer a visitor spends on your site the more information they are gathering about you and your business, browsing more pages that make up your site and eventually buy or optin to your mailing list. All of this comes down to using “sticky content” such as videos, entertaining games, interactive quizzes, applications or just good quality content that is helpful.

3. Drive on-site conversions

Often times a website will have a high attrition rate of people visiting the site and leaving. This plays no benefit to your business and these people often need a little incentive or push to become part of your business. Such things as a sweepstakes or trivia quizzes where people need to register to win or get their results is an easy way to build a mailing list quickly that would be interested in what your business sells.

4. Repeat visitors

Some times people just need to see your site or ad a few times before they take action. By getting repeat visitors those who once turned away to buy nothing could turn into a repeat customer if done correctly. The single best way to encourage repeat visitors is by delivering quality fresh content as often as possible. The quickest way to website abandonment is stale old content that has not been updated for months.

5. Offer your advertisers something diffrent

Most sites offer places where advertisers can come in and buy up spots. However advertisers are tighter then ever with their money and for good reason. They want to know what they are getting for what they pay for. This is why the PPP (Pay-per-performance) campaigns make up over half the amount of advertising spending in 2010. Offer ways to advertisers to put their link in with your interactive content and have them pay per click or per new sale or opt-in. By allowing your advertisers a little more control and knowing of what they are paying for they will be happier to come spend with you over and over again.

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