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6 Reasons You Will Make It Or Break It As An Entrepreneur
August 20, 2019

All throughout my life growing up there where certain things that made me feel “different” from “other” people. What I mean by this is when all my friends wanted to go out and party I instead wanted to stay home and get work done and plan things out. When I went places I studied how the business worked and tried to come up with ways to modify and make it better. It was these little things that I later found out where at my core of becoming an entrepreneur.

In this post I want to go over what I feel will either make you or break you if you are serious about being an Entrepreneur yourself. I believe these core fundamentals will either help you to thrive or keep you from achieving you full potential.

1 – You Know What You Want To Do In Life

A true entrepreneur knows why they are here and what their life is about. They have most things figured out in terms of wanting to work for themselves and having that creative mindset. They understand there will be plenty of failures along the way but that is part of the path to massive success.

2 – You Plan For Your Day, Week and Year

Planning is important but there is a balance between over planning and simply getting things done. A entrepreneur will write a daily, weekly and yearly plan of the goals they want to hit and what actions they need to do to achieve those goals.

3 – Self Discipline Only Gets You So Far Motivation Is Key

Self discipline is important which is part of #2 above. However motivation is the true power, your goals are going to change and how you hit those goals is going to change. The motivation in which drives you needs to be at your core so you can make those adjustments and continue forward always upping your game.

4 – You Create Rules For Yourself

By creating rules for yourself you help structure your life for success. Rules are more important then goals and should be the priority.

  • Not watching Netflix each night
  • Reading daily
  • Time allotment to certain tasks and what you want out of life

5 – Unattainable Goals – Or So You Thought

Setting goals is important it gives you a vision and a mission to strive for. While for an entrepreneur we set goals that seem totally unattainable, we put together massive action and often times end up beating or meeting those what most would think are unattainable goals. If we happen to not hit them in the time frame we want it gets reevaluated and pushed even harder.

6 – Extreme Focus On Goals and Underlying Motivation

As stated above self motivation is the catalyst for success as an entrepreneur. The goals and focus we have to hit those goals comes before anything else. We know what we want in life, why we are here and how we can do it. What might seem impossible to others we simply don’t give up.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur ?

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