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6 Ways To Grow Your Contact List
May 16, 2017
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Welcome to this weeks blog post! This blog post is going to go over the general core concepts of 6 of the most powerful methods to growing your contact list.

After this blog post I will be diving into details for each of these types of lead capture pages and also build out a copy that you can have for free with your clickfunnels account.

Method One – Straight Line – View Blog Post and get your free Funnel Click Here (coming soon)

This is the most common and most used form of building a contact list. A visitor comes to the page and is presented with an offer such as a ebook, video, audio, webinar etc. A button is placed on the page in which your visitor would click on if they where interested in what was offered for free on the page. This button then triggers an optin form to popup on the page asking for their email address so you can send this free product to them.

Method Two – Yes or No – View Blog Post and get your free Funnel Click Here (coming soon)

In this method we start to dig a little deeper into what our visitor is after. These are best used in conjunction with targeted demographics. The page will ask a simple question such as “Would you like to double your leads in 30 days?” In which the visitor now has two options. Yes or No

Method Three – Segmentation Single – View Blog Post and get your free Funnel Click Here (coming soon)

In method 3 we dig even deeper into segmenting our list. Our goal here is to create separate lists based on our visitors knowledge on a topic. For example we would ask a basic question related to the product we are offering. “How well do you know how to run Facebook ads?” With two options Beginner or Advanced. As the visitor selects one of these options they are pushed to a lead capture page that has a follow up sequence based on what was selected. In the example above if your visitor selected beginner we would follow up with how to get started with Facebook ads such as setting up an account etc. However if our visitor selected Advanced we would bypass these basic steps and push right into the core product we might be offer on how to get better results from Facebook marketing.

Method Four – Survey (Multi Segmentation) – View Blog Post and get your free Funnel Click Here (coming soon)

This is one of the though ones to setup and you will need to do some planning ahead of time. This is almost like the above segmentation single however involves more questions and possibilities depending on your end goal.

The survey allows you to have many outcomes from the few questions that are asked. This paint a clear picture as to when your new lead is looking for and you can direct them to join that contact list. For an easy to understand example lets take insurance. Our first question might be “are you in the market for home owners insurance, boat, life?” They then select which one they are in the market for and then answer a few more survey questions which are related to what was selected. At the end they provide you with their contact details so you can follow up with them. This gives you solid details on your lead so when you call or email them you can cater your email or phone pitch to that individual.

Method Five – Video Unlocker – View Blog Post and get your free Funnel Click Here (coming soon)

This one is pretty new and one of my favorites to do for new launches. Basically you have an end goal (some type of reward for watching every video) for this example a tshirt. They then watch each video over a series of days and for accomplishing this you ask for their details to send them their free gift. If setup correctly this video series will warm them up to the product or service you provide highly increasing your conversion rates and sales.

Method Six – MLM / Affiliate Style – View Blog Post and get your free Funnel Click Here (coming soon)

What has to be the most requested lead generation type is the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or Affiliate Style contact list creator. This is a special blend of pages and custom built to both increase your leads but also set them on to the path of joining the program under you and taking action.

Now that we have gone over each of these 6 types of contact list creator funnels I am going to get to work on creating each and the providing them to you in the weeks to come. Within the post above each will have a link next to it to the blog post which will include in depth details of each funnel type and also your very own copy you can use yourself if you have a clickfunnels account.

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