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7 Key Email Tips For Marketers
November 23, 2011

Here are 7 email tips for marketers. You should know by now that email marketing is a huge game changer for those of you wanting to make more money online and build your future business. It allows for direct communication to your customer base allowing you to tap into it at any given time and earn more money. Email marketing however can be a real challenge to some as there are right ways and wrong ways of doing it.  The email system I use is a company called AWeber. They have always impressed me with their ease of use and the high delivery rate. Here is my list of 7 key email tips for marketers that will get you on the right track to success.

#1 – Visuals Matter

Email marketing is a great way to build your brand. Your emails should always be clear to the reader about where they came from. With many email marketing companies you are able to send both text and html format emails. If using HTML format emails its important to put your brand image in the email and keep the same layout. It will build a trusting brand with your reader.

#2 – Your Content

Content is what counts and providing valuable content will always net you better results. It’s ok to fluff the emails a bit but in most cases you want to get to the point and get to it fast. Making your message clear and to the point will increase your conversion rates. Another tactic that has been used recently is using geo targeting on your emails which allows you to personalize your emails on a whole new level. The more personal you can make it the more the email looks that you took a lot of time out to contact this person directly.

#3 – Timing Matters

With many auto responders when you send out your emails you will be able to track at what time of the day you are getting your clicks. Test out different times of the day and different days to figure out when your highest click thru rates are. From my own testing my reports show that anywhere M-F 10am to 3 pm are my highest click thru rates. The weekend normally only Saturday and later in the day 3pm to 5pm. Your stats may vary depending on the people that make up your list. Another cool thing with many auto responders is the ability to stagger your email to be sent out based on the recipients time zone.

#4 – Give Your Users More Control

If you are going to email about different subjects split your list up into different categories and allow your opt ins to select what content they want to get. You should also allow for your opt ins to unsubscribe. This might sound a little weird but allowing them easy access to get on your list and easy access to get off it will improve how people feel about you and getting your emails.

#5 – Use Social Media

Some auto responders allow you to post your emails as content on social networks. AWeber which is a service I use allows me to post my email as a RSS feed/blog, post to my Facebook page and post via twitter. These are great ways to build exposure for my emails and get improved conversion rates.

#6 – Increase Delivery Options

Since email marketing started there have been a number of changes. Changes such as text messaging, smart phones and white listing. Auto responders will often give you a Spam rate score about how well written your emails are. Keeping this score low will increase the chances of your emails landing in your opt ins mail box and not their spam folder. You can also send your emails as snippets now too. Snippets are a quick message with a link to the entire email which readers can read from their smart phone.

#7 – Test, Test and more Testing

Testing your emails for subject lines, time to send, format, images or no images, content call to actions, design and layout are all factors that will change your conversion rates. Writing great emails will take time but by trying new tactics and testing your conversion rates you can start to see what works and what doesn’t.

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