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7 Key Steps To Blogging Success
October 2, 2015

Many people love the idea of blogging however many fall short of ever sticking to it let along making any money from their blog. This is why I wanted to create this post today and show you what I believe are the 7 key steps to creating a successful blog.

  1. The Core – When you first decide you want to blog the most important steps are as follows. Picking the topic or topics you want to blog about and then buying your own domain name and hosting it. It is important to keep your blog around a central target but it is ok to spread out a bit. For example if you are blogging about clothing it’s ok to blog about different lines, fashions, trends, companies, news about the companies etc. However you don’t went to get to far off the beaten path and end up making a blog post about house design.
  2. Stick To It – I will be honest with you, for the first year your going to be writing your heart out and seeing little for it. But the key here is to stick with it. Come up with a plan of attack and go for it. Do you want to create a new blog post 2,4,6 times a week? If you have a clear passion and can think of creative high quality content you can write about your blogs niche 6 times a week and keep that up
    for the first year do it! You will see massive befit from this in the months and years to come.
  3. Your Core Offers/ Sub Offers –  Depending on your niche you need to at some point come up with your own core offer/product you want to sell or become an affiliate and sell others products to earn commissions. This will be one of the sources that can generate you extra income from your blog.
  4. Ad Space – Of course you blog does not need to have ad space. Everyone loves a clean cut looking blog. But having a few ad spots on your blog and generate massive income later on. You will need the traffic so I actually recommend holding off a few months to a year before you place ads on your blog. When you do think about sizes and how they can nicely fit within your blog. You can add them at the top header, side bar, just before the comments section or inline with your blogs content.
  5.  Collecting Leads – So many people come to me and ask when they should start building a list. My answer to them is Right now! If you are not building your list from your blog you are missing out on massive revenue potential but not only that readership base. AWeber provides a cool feature where each time you make a blog post it will send out an email to your subscribers letting them know. It will take a snippet of your blog and then a link to it so they can come and read the rest. This creates a massive loyal reader base.
  6. Building Your Traffic Base – There are a few key things you should do when setting up your blog. Make sure you update your Permalinks if your using WordPress to pull in the title of your blog post and perhaps the date for the url. This helps with indexing your pages correctly and for the right keywords. Next you will want to be sure you add some type of plugin that allows your content to be easily shared. Social traffic greatly increases your exposure and creates back links to your content and all of it is FREE!
  7. Bonus The Empire – One fun interactive and rewarding site I have found that not only helps increase your exposure of your blog but also helps keep you on track of sharing your content etc is a site called Empire.Kred This site is an interactive community that allows you to buy shares with Eaves (their currency) and then greatly missions for others to do. It is a great way to get you to strive each day to expand your blogs influence over social networks.

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Sean Supplee

Sean Supplee is the founder and CEO of this blog, Its got my name on it! Passion drives me to help other bloggers and those looking to take their knowledge and share it with the world. Coach, Mentor, Social Strategist and Funnel Consultant.

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