7 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fans
March 28, 2011
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Are you currently building your Facebook fan page?

Most people think you can set up a fan page and people will just come. However, this is not the case and it requires a lot of time and effort to gain fans if your not already a celebrity that is.

Facebook users are limited to only liking 500 pages. While this sounds like a large number it can quickly add up for facebook users who use the site a lot. Be sure to give your new visitors to your fan page a reason to like it and stay that way.

Here are 7 ways to increase your Facebook fanbase.

#1: Invite your email list

One of the fastest ways to increase your fan base is to simply ask your list. You can do this with a small P.S at the bottom of the email or engage the entire email to why they should become a fan. Give them reasons to becoming a fan such as discounts, special exclusive access to one of your products or anything else that people will want to act on.

#2: Place a Facebook ad

Facebook has great marketing tools that allow you to target your audience down to keywords, zip code or only friends of friends. This allows you to target only the people who would be interested in what you have to offer. Within your ad copy be sure to state “Click the LIKE button” to gain access to (your offer). By giving direction you can increase your likes for your fanpage and put the viral aspect of facebook into effect.

#3: Use Print Media

Use your logo, business name or even your own name on business cards, newsletter, magazine ads, products and other physical media by adding your facebook fan page to it. After you get enough fans you can create a username for your facebook fanpage allowing easier access at Facebook Username.

#4: Get Fans Via SMS

You might not be aware but facebook allows people to join your fanpages via SMS. You will need a facebook username which you can get after you have your first 25 fans. A user can then send a text message to 32665(FBOOK) with the words “fan yourusername” or “like yourusername” Since my fan page is  www.facebook.com/fanseansupplee a user would text “fan fanseansupplee” or “like fanseansupplee”.

#5:  Use @ Tag

You will need to be a fan of your own page first in order for this to work.  You can use this to post on your own wall, others walls and within others fan pages. Simply start by typing in the @ followed by the first few letters of your fan page. You will then be presented with a drop down window in which your fan page should show up. Simply click on this and then finish typing your message. This will link back to your fan page and works great when I leave valued comments on others fan pages or make a mention of some amazing news that I posted on my blog.

#6: Use Widgets

Using widgets on your blog or website is a great way to attract attention to your fan page. I recommend to include pictures in your widget. As others see the widget they will see that their friends like your page which helps bring more attention. You can get your widgets and buttons at facebook developers plugins Also the live stream widget is a popular choice. It allows visitors to comment directly to your fan page which also adds the comment to their wall increasing viability to your fanpage.

#7:  Be Unique

By making your fan page unique you can stir up a ton of activity. This creates a viral aspect for your fan page showing that people are connecting and communicating with each other via your page. There are  a number of apps you can add to your Facebook fanpage to achieve this. These apps can be found by visiting your own fan page and clicking on edit page then click on apps on the left hand menu. Some of the more popular apps are RSS for Pages, FBML or now iframes and twitter.

One popular method which currently only works with FBML is to add code to it so that a person is required to click on the “Like” button in order to unlock access to a special video,report or gift. I am currently working out how to do this with facebooks new iframes. But if you have an existing fanpage with FBML and interested in the code please feel free to get in touch with me. You can view how it works via my Sean Supplee Fan Page

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There are 5 comments

  • Nishadha says:

    Offering something is another great way to increase the number of fans, I have seeing it action with the Cricket world cup going these days. Brands are offering tickets for becoming a fan and the number of fans are increasing like crazy.

  • Neeraj Rawat says:

    Yup Nishadha is right offering something also works good

  • Pretty cool tips, for the text messaging, how does FB know which user is doing the text to make ‘their account a fan?’ does this only work if the user registered their phone # in Facebook first?

    #5 is a little like RT your own username on Twitter a bit, it looks like a promising method but fairly easy for people to catch on and probably better for comments on larger fan pages I would think.

  • Sean Supplee says:

    @Justin , When you send in a text message you will get a confirmation text back asking you to join Facebook or confirm your mobile number. If its a smart phone it will take them right on to the web so they can login with their account information and instantly be a fan of your page. Otherwise it will confirm the mobile number and send that user a text message upon any admin updates made.

  • Nora Janine says:

    I’ve been busting my behind to break 100 fans on one of my new fan pages and not having much look. I think I am going to take some time to educate myself on effective FB marketing – I think I’ll try the social networking academy.