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A Better Way To Tweet
June 12, 2015

twitter-marketingWhile twitter has millions of users from all over the world the biggest issue with it has been trying to understand how to market and promote effectively on it. Lets face it people on twitter are being bombarded with content from all of their followers and people they follow so sticking out can be a real challenge.

Twitter has recently announced a report which will help guide to better results from your direct response ads. These are ads which saw a decline in earnings and what caused the company to miss their Wall Street revenue estimates.

This report shows that ads with @ or # actually performed worse then ads without any of this type of content within it.


These types of ads seem more direct and personal then flashing hash tags or @ a person or company you don’t even know they come of spammy to most people.

These direct response ads are geared to one thing and that is accomplishing some type of trigger such as an app download or a website visit.

This also comes with the news of their CEO stepping down Dick Costolo and the possible removal of 140 character limit?!

Twitter is still a great place to get traffic and to drive traffic to your sites but it comes with a bit of a learning (or unlearning) curve as traditional marketing tactics do not seem to play into it as much as they would on Facebook or another media source. Be sure to follow this blog on Twitter @SeanSupplee

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  • Ken Damon says:


    Thanks for the information on Twitter. I have found tweeting with the standard tweets from TE’s and other sites does get some traffic as long as you use it sparingly.

    The thoughts of having just 20 more characters gives me chills and I can’t even fathom not having any character limit but then will that take away what makes Twitter unique.

    Ken Damon