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A new war between Google and Apple?
January 20, 2010

A new war is on the horizon between Google and Apple. My last post about Google was about Google Docs program which received a nice overhaul recently. Google is currently building a light weight secure OS that has an open online feel to it backed up by multiple Google applications one of them being Google Docs.

Currently I use a number of Google applications as they continue to feed out quality products such as Gmail, Picasa, Google map and others. Having a open source OS will allow me to use all of my every day workings with Google much easier.

But this big development is on the side of Apple as it is currently in talks with Microsoft about changing out Google’s search engine with Bing for its default search engine on safari browser. With this most recent announcement it’s clear to see that Google and Apple are gearing up to become the big competitors fighting for your loyalty this year.

The current war between these two companies continues to build up in other areas as well. Google’s YouTube unit is looking into being able to rent movies though the web site which will compete with Apples iTunes. On the mobile front Apple has the iPhone, Google has the Nexus One and its Android software.

This new battle could either benefit you or harm you depending on the next steps taken. Customers may now start to see prices drop on these popular products as these two companies try to get more of their products in your every day life. But on the other hand customers could now be faced with different file formats for their products.

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  • nathan says:

    I was reading about how Android was making huge leap in their technology. There are some report that Android are going to leave other cellphone in the dust. Time will tell how thing goes from here.

  • I have rescently bought the nexus one phone. I think it is a great phone and worthy challanger to apple iphone. It will take sometime for google catch uo with the apple but in the end i think google will win.