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October 15, 2012

Ok, advertising on the internet is honestly must different then advertising on TV and other media. This is where many companies fall on their face as these media marketing methods just don’t work when you try to apply them to internet advertising. The lack is data online as to what advertising is working and what is not. There is only so much you can track as other aspects such as reach, exposure and return visitors can come from anywhere such as a Facebook like or a Blog review post. Since these things happen outside of your tracking there really is no way to measure its effects on your business.

Lets review all the different methods that can be used to advertise your brand on the internet and what challenges/solutions we can come up with.

Search-Based Advertising – Paid search or (CPC or PPC) has been around since searching for websites first came about. Simply put you pay to have you ads placed above your competition when someone searches for a keyword. Now what you might not know is Google plays some back end tricks with giving your ads a (rating) based on its performance in the past. While you might be paying higher then your competition if your ads are not producing good click thru rates Google often puts your ads behind showing up of someone who might have a lower bid but receives a higher click thru rate. This is one thing that is near impossible to track with your search engine marketing and is why many business have now gone down the road of a continues SEO approach to make sure their ads show.

Display Advertising – Is displaying a graphic such as a banner ad on other websites. What’s the biggest downfall of this? How many times have you been in your gmail account or hotmail account and just check you email without even noticing the ads on the page? This is called banner blindness and people have grown accustom to blocking out the ads and focusing in on the information they are there for. What display advertising is good for is branding, creating authority and credibility.

Social Advertising – The latest and greatest form of advertising online allows you to promote on social networks such as Facebook. However with so many ways to actually promote and gain exposure for your company on these networks it is very hard to judge just how effective your ads are. Recent changes and additions have been made to Facebook to try and help understand what type of an impact your ads are having such as have a number count of how many people have seen your ad from likes made by others. While it’s still not the best for understanding the impact of your ads it is a step in the right direction.

Email Marketing – One method I push heavy to everyone I teach. If your serious about running a company and being an affiliate then building your email list is important. It’s a quick way to reach your members and interested prospects to promote other items to them. Its what converts your one time buyers into repeat buyers. You can offer discounts, one time offers and much more to your mailing list.

Mobile Ads – You might think promoting on mobile ads would be a good bet right? To be honest from what I have seen it is awful unless your promoting like ads that mobile users actually would use. In a recent release by mobile app marketing platform Trademob they analyzed 6 million-plus mobile advertising clicks on 10 of the biggest mobile ad networks and found that 22 percent of clicks were “misclicks” and another 18 percent where defined as fraudulent both of which had a conversion of 0.1%

With all of these methods of promotion for your business online it can become a daunting challenge to keep up with it all. Make sure you commit to any one of these avenues so you can truly track your results and assign the appropriate resources to take advantage of all the benefits it can have for your overall exposure.

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