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Affiliate Software Offers Full Tracking
May 16, 2011

I know when I first started affiliate marketing my biggest time sink was always logging in and checking my stats hourly if not more often. Being able to see that first sale and get the rush of feeling accomplished is one that can only be explained by those that make their first sale. I still to this day check my stats a little more then I should instead of spending that time promoting products and making even more sales.

But that all changed once I found a software program called aff meter. This simple to install and set up software works by integrating all of your affiliate websites such as Clickbank, Neverblue, MaxBounty, Adsense, Clicksor, ClickBooth, Chitika and a whole heap of other networks and creating a daily, monthly and hourly reports for you. This software is updated often and new networks are always being added. I even found a few great affiliate sites to join because of this software.

Once you run this software you will be able to add all of your affiliate sites and run reports along with getting a daily update of your total income and a break down of where that income came from. You will also get reports such as amount of clicks, EPC(Earnings Per Click) and more so you know what sites are performing.


Where time is a factor in making money online aff meter comes in handy and saves you countless hours each month you can use to make even more money. This is one software program I highly recommend to those of you who are working with multiple affiliate sites.

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