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Are You Blogging for Money or a Passion
March 6, 2011
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Blogging has become a multi billion dollar a year industry which attracts many to start a blog and tap into this income stream. What you might not know is many bloggers fail to make any decent amount of income from their blog in the first year or more.

Why you ask?

They do it for the money and not for the passion they have for that niche.

Blogging about a topic you have a passion for allows you to easily create content for it day after day or when it’s needed. It also shows in your writing as you end up picking a side and turning nearly everything into a debate which turns into hot topics people will comment about. This is what generates the traffic to your blog which then turns into your income stream. Many big named bloggers out there such as John Chow or Darren Rowse started out with a passion for what they where writing about. They started their blogs not to make money but instead write about the things they love. As their blogs grew they then started tapping into income streams they could make from their blog. I have gained much knowledge from these two and wanted to thank them for starting my passion for blogging last year.

One of the great features of these blogs is allowing guest posters which I am happy to say we are working on right now to allow you the reader to come in and share your unique stories. This is going to be a great addition to my blog. If being a guest poster sounds like something you would be interested in please contact me by clicking on the contact button up above. I am looking for those who are interested in affiliate marketing and have a passion for it.

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