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Are You Branding You?
October 16, 2010
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Who are you!?

One thing some affiliate marketers do not understand is to brand themselves. By doing so you start building a relationship and people begin to trust you. It’s in this trust where the real sales come in.

How do you go about branding yourself?

Since you are an affiliate marketer you are going to be recommending products and services to others. What you will need to do is create what is called a landing page. This landing page acts as the nerve center of your entire business. By sending traffic to your squeeze page instead of your affiliates main page will allow you to gather the visitors information, such as email address and their name. It’s with this information you begin building your own list in which to sell others products and services to.

Once a visitor inputs their information they need to be given quality information. This series of emails is called an auto responder. Your very first email should include an overview of what they can expect from your mailing list. It should also include information such as where to download the product or bonus which they opted into your list for and also a brief introduction on who you are and some information about you of why you are a leader and “know all” in this niche.

Your auto responder should be spread out over 2 -3 months time and include additional helpful information about your niche. Consider the most frequently asked questions and address them in your emails. By providing this valuable information your new subscribers build trust in you and when you do recommend a product or service they know you support it 100% and will lead them to a great product.

The more interactive you can be with your list the better off you will be. Consider this list of things to do when branding yourself.

1) Brand your picture and make sure your picture represents that niche. If its a business niche (suit and tie) if its a fun laid back niche consider your every day dress clothes but be creative so you stand out a bit.

2) Be sure to include your name every where possible. Your lead capture page, blog, email signature, forum signature and so on.

3) Be sure to only recommend quality products. At first you might need to buy these products and services yourself  to test them out. As your list and reputation grows offers will come flooding to you for you to review.

Have other ideas and your own success stories with personal branding? Id love to hear them! Comment below

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