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Are You Over-Optimizing Your Websites?
May 9, 2012

You might be over optimizing your websites and pages right now and not even know it! What is an over-optimization penalty? Are you being penalized now and are you unaware? How can you be sure that your site won’t be subject to this penalty?

While Google is not disclosing any of this information what you can take away from this post is what’s been used in the past and has proven to be beneficial to your overall growth of your site. Please understand while every attempt was made here to bring you the best information it is still just speculation.

One of the biggest targets by Googles algorithms seems to be targeting networks which are using black hat methods. These sites are ones such as Link Networks or Collectives. These networks and collectives tend to give you a blast of links within the same day or over a few days and then just stop. This clearly gives Google a red flag that you are manipulating the link building for your site. A solid back linking service of your own should be a slow but steady pace in which the anchor text is different.

Keyword Density and Metadata spam is a clear sign you are up to no good in Googles eyes. If you are stuffing a repeated keyword in a post you are writing and then stuffing it within the meta information you can be sure it’s going to be flagged and sand boxed. While maybe not at first, they will eventually find it and shut it down (in most cases) Just honestly stay away from attempting anything like this and instead use your keywords and like keywords sparingly. Write your content more so its easy for your readers to read instead of stuffing it for search engine spiders.

In 2012 Google announced a new algorithm for Ad/Content ratio which takes a snap shot of your site and figures out where ads are being displayed on it. Google recommends not adding any ads above the fold but lets be serious here. Any site will have some ads above the fold just because that’s what gets the best results in terms of income for the site. With that being said just make sure your site design is clean and that your ads are not taking away from the readers ability to find and read your content easily. You can use a site such as Browser Sizes to view how your site looks in various situations.

By understanding and following these basic guidelines you can rest assure your site should be in good hands. Just be smart and don’t try to manipulate the system and you will start reaping the rewards of a solid SEO campaign for your business.


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  • Wow, good stuff!Thanks for sharing!

  • Shane says:

    Thanks for the great tips, since all the updates you really have to be careful how your website is set up.