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Building Your First Opt In Email List
March 15, 2011
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You might of heard the money is in the list. That could not be more true as every company big or small does it. Do you get coupons in the mail,  special discounts in your emails or rewards for being a facebook fan of a business? These are all great examples of companies building their list. It’s a quick way for them to offer a bonus incentive to come buy from them. This gives them access to instant repeat buyers just by taking a few moments to set up a discounted offer.

If your looking to make money online the smartest thing you can do is setting up your own email list. You do this via programs called auto responders. These auto responders once set up require no additional work from you and can bring in sale after sale. The only thing you need to concentrate on then is getting fresh new leads for your opt in email list. This post will go over step by step how to create your very own landing/squeeze page and how to set up your first auto responder.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what niche you want to build your email list around. Do you have your own business? Is there something your passionate about? Or are you looking to be an affiliate and promote others products?

There are honestly thousands of different niches to pick from big or small and what you need to know is having a big list does not matter. Even a small list of just 20 people who are responsive and buy from your list could end up making you thousands of dollars. Once you have figured out what niche you want to build your list around its time to pick up your auto responder. Your auto responder needs to be a reliable company that you can trust to get your emails delivered.  The company I use myself and recommend is called Aweber which you can set up right now for just $1 your first month by clicking here.

After you have your new Aweber account its time to set it up. This is outlined via this PDF file I created which you can view by clicking here.

The only part left to do now is create your landing page or better yet, if you have a blog, adding it to your side menu. A great idea is to offer something of value for free to get your visitor to opt into your mailing list. This free offer can be anything from an ebook, an email series that teaches them something in the niche or special discounts to your store. Be creative and make sure it is something people will find value in.

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