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Free Sales Funnel Webinar And How To Build One Yourself
December 15, 2018
In this post I will be going over a sales funnel webinar and how to set one up yourself. You can import a free copy of this by clicking on the button below. Sales for higher ticket items can be very hard to get without a webinar. This is why we create a custom built […]
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Periscope 7 Quick Tips for Epic Broadcasts
September 28, 2015
Periscope 7 Quick Tips for Epic Broadcasts
Periscope is quickly catching on all over the world, so fast that big companies such as Facebook bought up an older ap (Meerkat) for their own streaming. But in my own opinion Periscope is where it’s at! Here are 7 of my top tips to making your broadcasts epic and can honestly be used on […]
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How To Use Video Marketing For Your Business
April 27, 2012
Video is becoming a popular way to get in touch with your subscribers and give them a more personal and professional appeal to your overall business. However with new companies and even entrepreneurs starting out with video some big mistakes can be made or overlooked. This article will pinpoint the key steps and features you should be including in […]
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Online Video Domination
April 2, 2012
You might have seen a recent trend with affiliate products being promoted that just shows a video and no long sales letter. This is because videos have become a new trusted source and one which people lean towards more when promoting their products. Most people do not have the time or interest in reading over […]
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How To Increase Your Youtube Views and Subscribers
June 22, 2011
I just started using Youtube and Flickr a few days ago due to a new program that has me addicted to social networking called Empire Avenue. These are two of the social networks they track for how social you are. I have had my Youtube channel for along time over at Sean Supplee’s Youtube Channel. […]
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Using Video To Promote Your Business
June 28, 2010
There are many ways to promote you and your business. Often overlooked is using video as a source to gain exposure and drive traffic to your sites. Another part of video marketing that is overlooked is only using one video website to place your videos on. While YouTube is the most popular video site out […]