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ClickFunnels, The Profit and Flex Watches
September 13, 2016


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Just last night on the show “The Profit” Marcus Lemonis featured a company Flex Watches and you know what is pretty amazing about that? The company I work for ClickFunnels was on that show and was used to build out their companies website which you can view here – Flex Watches.

As a side note I had the pleasure of getting to meet him at the Funnel Hacking live event last year.


So what exactly is ClickFunnels ?

Click Funnels is a page builder but so much more. Honestly you could think of it as a business builder!

Where most page builders fail Click Funnels picks up by providing a unique new way to sell your own products and services. Don’t have a product? That’s ok you can always promote affiliate products until you are ready to launch something of your own.

A funnel setup is a series of pages the visitor and soon to be customer takes when ordering a product of yours. In most cases you start with your sales page which leads to your main offer then on to your order form page. After this an OTO page or two with downsells and your order confirmation page.

Click Funnels connects everything together under one roof

Click Funnels has really become your all in one solution at a fraction of the cost of having all of these other services. You can collect payments, build membership sites, do live webinars and automated webinars, host a launch funnel, build a lead capture page or build any custom type of funnel you could dream of.

Have an auto responder? Well ditch that expensive auto responder and come use Actionetics within Click Funnels which allows you more flexibility with your email marketing. You can still send broadcasts but on top of that you can create smart funnels which triggers emails based on certain actions of your visitor/customer. You can also set up actions based on information from your visitor such as how many fans they have on Facebook or followers on Twitter etc.

Do you want to offer affiliates the option to promote your funnels and earn commissions? Click Funnels has you covered here as well. Creating an affiliate program for your funnel I feel is the most powerful feature for any business to have. It allows you to maximize your exposure with little to no risk of advertising costs for your business.

If you enjoyed that episode of the profit and want to learn more about Click Funnels the site used to build out Flex Watches website then please feel free to click on the button below to get a limited time 14 day trial.

> Free 14 Day Trial Of Click Funnels

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