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Consider an Email Swap
August 9, 2010
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When I first started to create my email list a few years ago the one thing I did was be over protective of it. This hindered me from expanding my list into other markets and tapping into others lists. The practice of email swapping allows you to email your list about others products and in exchange they email their list about your product.

Be sure to limit the amount of times you do this. At the moment I currently do a max of 2 swaps a month with my main list.  Do a lot of research into who you swap with and what they are offering. You want a product that your list is going to buy, consider working out an affiliate deal with the person you are swapping with. You can offer them the same, in most cases if their first email sells well they will sell your other products to their list or resell your main product again.

There are a few sites where you can find others to swap emails with but one that I currently use above any of the others.

Tim Bekker has a solid system that was just launched a few months ago at My Private Swap

This site allows you to create your own profile and open dates you wish to take on other emails. At most you should open your emails up to the public once a week or less. You do not want to over saturate your email list with ads. Consider a blend of quality information with a sale once in a while to keep your email list active and making you money.

While your over at Tim Bekker’s site I want to recommend you grab your copy of his autoresponder code. I picked this product up on launch day and started putting many of the tactics he uses into place. At first I was building my list at about 30-50 new opt ins a day. After putting his system into place I am currently growing over 100 brand new opt ins a day!

You can grab your copy of the autoresponder code here… The Auto Responder Code Order Here

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