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December 3, 2019

Creating content is the most powerful way to fuel your business. In this video I go over content marketing automation and the general idea behind it along with a few tools I currently use.

Content marketing automation is the front end of the business. All the posts, videos and text that paint a picture for your business and provides value. You need a constant flow of content every day that encourages engagement and builds your brand. In a few years all that is going to matter is brand as we move closer to voice for getting all the information we need.

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Your goal should be over 100 pieces of content over 7-10 popular social networks PER DAY. This content should be of good quality and provide value to someone. That value could be a laugh, a idea, to inspire and so on. What you should take away from this is that not ever piece of content you produce does not need to be sales copy people relate with someone who is more human.

Now get out there and start building content!


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