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Crafting an Autoresponder Follow up Series
November 2, 2015

When it comes to email marketing one of the most common questions is how to setup your follow up series for your autoresponder such as AWeber.

The Blog Method

First things first, if you are already running a blog like I am here, then you pretty much already have your follow up auto responder series. Just set your AWeber account to blog broadcast and when you make a new post it gets sent to all of your subscribers.

This single handily is what drives a large amount of my traffic to my blog and allows me have a better format for telling someone about a product or service with a case study, review or a simple recommendation.

Have A Blog, Build A List, Continue to Post Quality Content, Connect it into –  AWebers Blog Broadcast feature

The Product Method

If you don’t have a blog that’s ok too, You can still write up follow up emails that relate to what they first opted in for. When you create your lead capture page you have some type of product that it is centered around and while you might be pushing an affiliate product or your own product at first you need to think past this.

Think of what comes next, now that your new found lead has mastered the art of “tactic 1” whats the next tactic you can teach them and help them with.

As you continue to progress on this path you should be increasing the value which might also come with an increase in cost. This is a tactic I use myself building a value ladder that continues to grow up to my max level product/service.

The Numbers

Remember to always keep a close eye on your statics to see what is converting the best. I also enjoy doing a poll once in a while to my list to see what they are interested in learning about next. Some times I do this information for free via my blog posts and other times create a product around it offering a discount to my most loyal subscribers šŸ˜‰

*tip join other marketers and see what they are doing in their follow up emails. You can learn a lot by seeing what someone else already successful is doing and then doing it yourself. (Of course never copy!) This should always be your own content, case studies and ideas.

*tip-2 The longer your follow up series the better. Remember to continue to progress your leads from product to product increasing the value and knowledge on the topics as you move forward. If you do not have a product yourself for this then consider an affiliate product which you have thoroughly reviewed yourself first.


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