List building
Creating Effective Emails
January 18, 2010

Now that you are starting to build your list you need to learn the key features of list building that will make you a huge success. Once you learn these steps you will be able to write killer emails that get opened time and time again producing results for your business.

Step #1 Before You Write

It is important to know you will not be writing the best emails right after this course. It takes time but once mastered you will do these steps without even thinking about them. There is one tool you need to add to your arsenal right now. Your own domain name – When promoting a affiliate product or service you are hit with one ugly URL. By having your own domain name you can then redirect a professional looking url to this affiliate page. For example is a click bank affiliate url. By owning your own domain you can now direct your readers to This looks much better inside an email and encourages a higher clickthru ratio.

Before you start writing think about what your intentions are about the email you are creating. When creating your outline there are 5 questions you need to answer.

1. Who are you?
2. What do you want?
3. Why should I care?
4. What’s in it for me?
5. What do I do now?

Step #2 Your Subject Line

When your creating your subject line you need to spark curiosity while giving away a small hint at what is inside. An example of this would be “Secret revealed that will blow your competition away!” This inclines the reader to open up the email to find out what this secret is.

Another tactic that can be used is by asking a question but to make it as general as possible within your niche. An example of this type of subject line would be “How often do you make this mistake when XXX?” XXX would be the name of your niche you are working in.

A third tactic is to make your subject line benefit oriented. An example of this would be “You can boost your income by 20% overnight” This makes readers wonder what this new tactic is and that they can put it into place and get results fast.

The forth and final tactic is a scare tactic which has been used with much success lately. An example of it would be “This is for serious marketers only!” It creates a sense of exclusivity and prompts the reader to open your email and find out more.

Step #3 Your Email Content

Now that they have opened your email you need to create value to keep the reader wanting your product . Within the first few sentences be sure to get to the point and tell the reader what this email is about.

Within the body of the email create key bullet points that make your product or service unique from others and how it will  save them time or money. As you are writing the body of your email make sure you include small key phrases to keep them wanting more such as… As a result, Let’s not forget, Why? and Guess what? This keeps your readers engaged and wanting to read more.

The most important step is your closing. Without a good closing your reader  will not click on the link and buy or sign up. You need a strong call to action here on what you want your reader to do. Do you want your reader to buy a product? Then tell them how to with further steps. Do you want your reader to spread the word of your website to their friends? Show them the affiliate program and how they can easily do so to earn a commission.

You need to give your reader a reason to act now. If you don’t the could hold off on buying your product forever! Creating a reason to take action now can be done in many ways. Offer a limited time discount on the product, limit the number you will be giving away before the price goes up.

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