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Creating Landing Pages That Convert
April 25, 2011

Landing pages are a fundamental core at building your leads and converting them into sales. By creating a landing page that caters to your target audience you can achieve a higher percentage of conversions increasing your overall business sales. When creating your landing page there are a number of things you need to consider and test to maximize it.

Understanding AIDA from Elias St. Elmo Lewis sales funnel is the core to creating any type of sales funnel which was developed back in 1898.

AIDA stands for…

Awareness – The existence of a product or service
Interest – Paying attention to the product and understanding its benefits
Desire – Enthusiasm grows as the course of action is further investigated
Action– The product is bought and action is now taken to use it

These are the core points you need to make sure your lead capture page flows through. Make sure it includes all of them and in the same order as you see above. Do not skip any or change the order.

You will also need to configure your landing page for the type of traffic that will be coming to it. These could be casual browsers which are people searching the web for various things. A landing page for these types of visitors would explain what the product is and why they need it. An Evaluator is a visitor that knows about the topic at hand thus the landing page can be more in detail about what the product is and how it can help them achieve their goal faster or better. A transactor is a visitor that has already bought your product and can now opt in for an additional bonus or a Customer someone that continually buys from you. You will want to create a separate landing page for each of these types of visitors as your content to that list would be different. For example your casual visitor might need some reinforcing emails about what your product or service is while a repeat customer already knows this and instead would be interested in an upgrade or a future product of yours that relates to the one or ones they have bought from you.

By creating multiple lead capture pages and lists you can better pinpoint what that persons desires are and increase your sales.


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  • Jeff says:

    Using video will capture awareness quicker than sales copy. Its more engaging because people would rather watch a short video than read sales copy. Freebies will also increase desire. People love getting something of value for free. This lets them feel in control of the sales process and in more of a buying mood for your upsale pages!