Creating Social Media Substance Strategies
June 28, 2013

With social media here to stay and an increasing number of websites coming out that promote social engagement there is a need for building a strong social media substance that helps promote your business.

You might have seen some people just randomly show up in groups where great conversations are happening and just blast your new group with a hyped up sales pitch to try and get some business their way. Sad to say a few of your group members will jump on this and start promoting it. However I never recommend this, people and businesses that do this often hype everything up to get a few interested buyers instead of actually backing up their product and truly over delivering to their customers. It honest is a rotating door of people coming in and back out. The strategies I am going to teach you will bring people in and keep them in along with inviting others into the business. This promotes serious building of your company and within a year you will see a huge increase in your overall income.

Listen and Contribute on Twitter

You might have seen some companies actively listen to their followers on twitter and reply back to them. I remember the first time I was a little upset with a company and made a short twitter post about it. Within a hour they replied to me and ask how they could help and make it right. This honestly shocked me but in a good way and we where able to save the transaction and I am now a long standing customer of theirs! By engaging with others on twitter and keeping on top of it you can quickly turn someones negative review into a positive review and come out looking like a hero to others viewing the discussion.

Connections on Linkedin

It wasn’t long ago that I actually started to use Linkedin for meeting up with like minded people, joining groups and interacting. This really is a great place to connect with other business as people on the site are more focused on business instead of personal with other social networks such as Facebook. Consider creating your own group niched for your business.

Youtube Can Be Educational

Youtube still is the most popular place to get your videos viewed and with a little work and creating helpful videos you can grab up new customers, get rave reviews on your video and more. It’s important to leave little tidbits within your video that will help your customer base but not give away everything so that person no longer has a reason to buy your product. This videos should address issues and then explain how your company or product is geared to fixing it.

Throw Out The Hype

If your company is already using some type of over promising hype and crazy numbers THROW IT OUT! People can see clear though this hype anymore and also will often post negative reviews about your business on social networks. Instead tell them what they are really going to get and then once they buy do your best to over deliver on it a bit. Doing so will leave your customers pleased and happy to come back for more along with promoting rave reviews that you over delivered on what you promised.

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Sean Supplee is the founder and CEO of this blog, Its got my name on it! Passion drives me to help other bloggers and those looking to take their knowledge and share it with the world. Coach, Mentor, Social Strategist and Funnel Consultant.

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