Creating Your Digital Product Part 4
April 21, 2010

Don’t let your new product go up in flames!

Now that your product has launched what we want to work on is creating a stable flow of traffic to your site. What happens many times is the first few days you will see explosive results and then your sign ups begin to slow to a trickle. Here are a few strategies I have used with success to keep the product flowing and sign ups constant.

Work with your new existing list – You should be contacting your list in the first few days to touch base with them. Give them an overview of what they should be doing if you have not done so already. Get them to rebrand, become an affiliate and take an active part in your site. Give them and show them reasons of why they should be taking action and promoting your product to their friends.
The best way I found to keep an active list is a combo of free tools and helpful information backed by a selling of a product. Over a months time frame my most responsive mailings are…Initial mailing as soon as they join they receive an email on what to do next to promote your product and share it: week one offers a free resource or information helpful to building their success online: week two promotes the product a bit more and backs it up with an affiliate product I have tested (this produces a second stream of income: week three is a helpful product or information : week four is more helpful information with a soft sell to a resource. Keeping this pattern month after month really reduces your attrition rate and keeps people on your list active and wanting to hear what you have to say next. It is because of this you can continue to keep your digital product strong and sales constantly active.

Article marketing is another resource that is very helpful for building a continued flow of traffic. You can create articles 250 -700 words in length about your niche and link back to your product. Most of the traffic to articles are from search engines which means you should target keywords and your articles to issues that people have in your niche market place and fix it for them. Your resource link to your product should be one that will help this searcher overcome an issue they are looking to solve. You can submit your articles to my article directory at Blazing Articles.

Video marketing is another popular way to continue to drive traffic. Create a short video that is entertaining but helpful to searchers in your niche. Create a title that targets keywords people would be searching for about your product. In the description be sure to back link to your product. An awesome product to do this with quickly and effectively is called Traffic Geyser.

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  • I think writing articles are great techniques to get the word out and build up some search engine brownie points. Good Post.