Creating Your First Digital Product Part 1
February 9, 2010

Creating your first digital product such as ebook, software or report can seem like a hard and long task to undertake. In fact at this very moment I am working on another product of my own that is to the be released so. I figured this was the perfect time to go over the break down step by step on how to create your very own digital product. This posting will be broken up in parts and will be released as I go though the phases of building my newest ebook.

Creating a digital product is really going to step you ahead of the pack as you now have to strong asset to build your list with, brand your name and your companies logo or you face. Doing so will gather more attention and get you better well known on the net.

The first step you need to do is sit back and do a bit of brainstorming. You need to answer this list of questions before you can start building the product.

1. What niche am I looking to get into?
2. What is a common question or issue that comes up often in this niche?
3. Can I create a software product or a ebook/report to help others gain the answers to this questions?

If you can come with these answers and more importantly number 3 be able to say yes to this then you have your first product idea and can now push ahead. Even if you feel you yourself can not research and put this information together you can always outsource this to someone in the niche or someone to research the niche and create a report.

You next need to plan your attack on this product. Are you a good designer? programmer? marketer? writer? We can’t all be great at everything we do and this is why it is so important to understand how to outsource your product to people that specialize  in these fields. I will go into detail about setting up the site in part 2 but for now get an idea of the tasks you can do on your own and start doing them.

If you are a writer then you will want to start writing up your ebook or report. I do this via Microsoft word and then use Docudesk to convert this file into a PDF file. If you are outsourcing this part be sure they send you both the PDF and the word document so you can update the product and make changes to it as needed.

Is your product going to be software related? If you have the skills to program it on your own go for it. For me I need to outsource this work and do so though a web site called Guru. This is the best site I have found when you are looking to outsource a project. Be sure to review each person/business that bids on your project. Look for things in their review and feedback section that have to do with the project you will be hiring them for. If they have previous positive work experience this could be the person for you.

Creating your digital product part two will go over what scripts you can use to house and protect your products from thieves.

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