Monthly Report
December 2018 Traffic and Stats
January 6, 2019

This is installment two of the traffic and stats report. Let me just say it took me nearly a week later to build it out because I upgraded to WordPress version 5.0.2 and nothing but issues with the new editor. I still have not figured out how to get the new one to work as it never saves or publishes. The quick fix to this was to install a plugin WordPress released called classic editor which brings back the old editor. Just an FYI for any of you running your own WordPress blog and running into this issue.

Months Focus

  1. I relaunched the giveaway events instead of doing them weekly which honestly was a ton of work to keep resetting them etc. I decided to do every two weeks and see how that works. So far there are over 2000 people that entered in just the first 5 days not to bad!
  2. Email list was built for the blog but the follow up sequence needs some work this is what I will be working on mostly this month to build out at least 1-2 month worth of emails to follow up.
  3. Pinterest is back in action and one of my highest producing was my daily quotes. My plan is this month to build that out more to offer a daily entrepreneur quote every day in the morning hours.
  4. Last month I said I was going to start up some fiverr gigs again. I attempted this however without much success. Fiverr seems to work in a weird way. As soon as you make 1-2 sales that are rated high the floodgates open. The issues I only got one sale last month which means I need to push those offers a bit more if I really want to get them to take off.


Alexa – 515,187 Down from 573,631 Reduction of – 58,444
92.5% of visitors from United Stats
7.5% Venezuela – This one shocked me a bit
Global Rank – 944,100
United States – 370,435
Category Rank – 109,031
Google Analytics

Device Type
Traffic Flow

76.93% Direct
4.15% Links
1.58% Search
17.34% Social
0% Email
0% Display

Social Pull

53.98% Reddit
25.65% Facebook
16.56% Twitter
3.81% Youtube

New Posts

Social Following

Facebook – 4,962 Increase of 505
Twitter24,700 Decrees of 1,400
(Twitter has been hammering accounts lately)
Youtube – 3,854 Increase of 554
Google + (going to remove this one as its going down sometime before April soo yeahhh)
Pinterest – 13,500 Increase of 600 + 100k Monthly Views and 1.4k Monthly Engaged (Last month was 9k Monthly views I had just started using it)
Linkedin – 14,113 Increase of 113

Social Breakdowns


Videos Uploaded – 0 (Unfortunately I got rather sick and lost my voice or simply would of coughed into the mic every 5 seconds)
This made most of these stats a wash however I did increase my subscriber rate by 554 and my views increased as well. My goal is to hit Youtubes review so I can monetize my videos by the end of Q1 2019

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