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Digital Ad Market Is On The Move
September 20, 2016


Are you starting out in digital marketing or running ads on your own site for revenue? Then you are in the prime spot for what is to come!

Via the image below provided by Statista you will see every online marketing digital ad market has room to grow in many cases doubling the ad income.Infographic: The Digital Ad Market Still Has Room to Grow | Statista

What does this mean for you as a…

Marketer – You can expect many more options and with the increase of revenue coming in this most likely will mean your ad prices will drop and your exposure rise. A win win as you continue to build your business and brand via online marketing efforts.

Product Creator – More ad networks means prices should drop and provide you with unique new methods for reaching the people you need to. With further drill down you can target the right people for each of your ads increasing your conversion rates and overall sales for the products you create.

Need a website page builder primed for this future growth? Check out my most recent post about the show The Profit here

Everyday User – Ads based on your actions, interests and more. Its honestly kind of scary how much information there is about you on the internet.

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Sean Supplee

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There are 3 comments

  • That’s why this is the best time to tap into the online market. The technology is making marketing and advertising more convenient.

  • It’s only going to grow faster and faster after 2021 as well! The online advertising & marketing industries are growing rapidly, and will continue to do so, simple because of the demand for it!
    Good post Sean as always, keep it up my friend.

  • Tim Brown says:

    Digital marketing is growing day by day! now, this is the perfect time for online marketing and boost your online business. Yes, technology is all nowadays.