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October 26, 2012

Readers of this blog already know how I center most of my posts around building your own email list. Ever since I started to do this a few years ago my profits have soared and my time I spend online each day has dropped ( a healthy combo I think). In this post I want to show you how to save even more time by setting up a drip feed for email marketing. This can also be used for membership sites as well.

Drip feeding content is a structure of emails that are set up prior to someone joining your list. Based on their time of optin a new email will go out every few days or weekly which will help guide your new lead into buying your product or someone else product. This is done by first teaching the new lead what your product does to eliminate or short cut an existing problem they might have. With this type of marketing there are a number of ways to create this type of funnel. There is a delicate dance of information and soft selling which yields amazing results if done right.

Building a strategy to your email marketing first starts with understanding how your website works. You will need to understand and control what the visitor is going to see from your email campaigns. Doing so will build a funnel in which they must follow in order to reach the end goal which would be the buying of your product or service.

There are three things a person arriving to your website is looking for, to purchases, to receive entertainment or to become educated/informed. There are a number of ways to do this and ultimately comes upon the creator of how they want to present it. Long articles, blog posts, video demos, info-graphics, audio, ebooks and more.

Every email campaign will be different and with continued testing you will be able to find the ultimate solution to the best results. Question that will come up in which you will need to address are…

Do emails sent in HTML or plain text convert better?

How often or how many days between each email being sent?

How long or short should your emails be?

By testing and understanding who your audience is you will be able to track conversions and understand what your visitor/reader is looking for and responds to.

Close your drip feed? At some point your going to need to close out your drip feed and start looking at the data. If you use an auto-responder such as Aweber you will have a wealth of information and be able to see what leads took action and become customers along with what email this happened on. By reviewing this information you will be able to tell what type of emails convert and what types of websites your visitors are reaching that convert them into a sale.

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    Really great job! I never heard this kind of new information in my life. Thanks for sharing with us.