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Email Broadcast, Facebook Broadcast and New Follow Up Sequences
February 28, 2019

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ClickFunnels has released on of the biggest updates ever and it is honestly changing the way businesses do marketing online.

What use to work years ago no longer does and ClickFunnels has remained innovative and pushing the boundaries to create hundreds of millionaires starting their own business.

So what is all this hype about?

It’s about broadcasts, you know when you push that button and mass send thousands of emails. Well now you can do all of this internal of ClickFunnels and gain more insight then ever before.

Some of those powerful new features area

  • Tracking sales generated from your funnels via the broadcasts you sent out. You can now see in graph form how your broadcast did in pushing sales so you can adjust your next one.
  • Send email broadcasts via an internal SMTP system setup on your free domain or an existing domain
  • Send Facebook broadcasts – Now you can message Facebook users in a broadcast message just like you would with email
  • Text Message broadcasts – Send a text message to your entire list, push a special offer or let them in on a new product you are launching
  • Voicemail broadcast – via the power of Slybroadcast you can send your entire list a voicemail
  • Desktop notification – You can now send out a broadcast message to your list having a message pop up on their desktop

This also integrates in with a number of 3rd party options giving you even more power to bump up your business.

Below is a video I created that goes over a bit about the new broadcast system and how it works.

Get Your Free Trial Of ClickFunnels Here

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