Empire Avenue Introduces New Currency
December 7, 2013

As many of you might know already that I am a huge Empire Avenue fan. This site has really helped me become more social and make wonderful connections that I would not of made otherwise. It continues to add on new features that are just exploding my reputation online and gaining me the exposure I need with new people.

One of the key parts of Empire Avenue I use is the ability to create missions. These missions can range from viewing Youtube videos, liking fan pages, just investing in the person and whatever your creative mind can think of. For doing these types of missions you earned what are called Evas a made up currency which is traded like a stock in others based on their social engagement.

Now Empire Avenue also allows you to create missions and reward it’s users via a new currency called Vees. Vees can then be used on your own missions or used to trade in for giftcards at places such as Starbucks, Amazon and Crate&Barrel. This is a new awesome way to leverage engagement on your fan pages, Twitter, Youtube or whatever network you wish. With powerful physical gift cards you can be sure members of the empire are going to be all over your offers and going the extra mile.

I will be running a few posts about Empire Avenue till the end of the year highlighting things such as how to improve your social score and get the most out of your time with this powerful and unique site.

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    You rock Sean! You always have the best info!