Facebook Marketing Strategies – How to drive sales
September 1, 2011

With Facebook now reaching over 500 million users worldwide it’s easy to see why many businesses are integrating it within their business. Understanding key fundamentals on how to use this large network to your benefit can result into a profitable business from Facebook alone.

Below are a number of key points I have found which when done correctly will increase your sales and exposure for your business.

Optimize Your Facebook Page

  • After you have created your fan page you will want to create what is called a non-fan page. This is a page visitors see on your Facebook fan page that provides them with some type of incentive to click on the like button. This incentive can be anything from a video, ebook, discount code and more. Be creative and give something away of real value to your users.
  • Create free offers within the fanpage that only fans have access to. With new additions to Facebook you can now post and tell the system who you want to see this post. By making it fans only it increases the likely hood of attracting more attention to your page and interaction. Think of it as your mailing list and offer quality information and other freebies to your fans.
  • With updates in March 2011 fanpages can now have extra tabs and these tabs can be directed towards different demographics. By adding a few custom non fan pages and targeting different demographics you can further increase your chances of getting that person to like your page.
After you optimize your page you need to Build Your Fanbase
  • Right off the bat Facebook will show you what your Facebook ad could look like. The cool thing about Facebook ads is the amount of targeting you have. By targeting specific markets on Facebook and others fanpages you can increase the likely hood of them becoming a fan of your page too. While this is an easy way to automate your fanbase it does come with a monetary cost.
  • The free and easy method is to add a widget or like button to your website that already has a membership base. By sending out an email and telling your members and customers about your fanpage you can quickly start to gain exposure and increase your fanbase. Once you hit 50 fans be sure to change your url into a username. For example mine at www.facebook.com/fanseansupplee
Now that you have the fans and a optimized page you need to engage them
  • If you have ever done list building then you know you need to constantly engage your list to keep them active. Provide value in your posts and encourage others to leave feedback on your posts on your fanpage.
  • Don’t Sell! The fastest way to get people to unfan you is to start offering them things they have to buy and pushing them. The occasional mention of a service is ok however it’s better done on your site then the fanpage.
Convert your fans into clients
  • Free is always best – offer something of high value and give it away for free. You can do this via a squeeze page or as an incentive to them to join your site and test it out on a limited bases in which they can upgrade later on.
  • Once you have them on your mailing list you can email them directly with offers and special offers to turn them into buying clients.
  • Facebook allows you to directly email your entire fanbase. However this should be used very limitedly and only with your best quality content and offer. Your better off creating a new email list that you use that is not attached to the fanpage so you retain those people as a fan of your page.
Putting these above steps into use will surely increase your Facebook marketing strategies and drive more sales for your business.
Have a fan page your proud of? I would love to check it out. Leave a comment below and include your fanpage!

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