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Feedburner summarizes my feed how do I fix it?
July 20, 2010
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On my blog for the last few months I thought it would be a good idea like most new bloggers to only summarize my feed. My thinking on this was to create some type of teaser for each blog post and make the RSS reader click on the link to visit my blog to read the rest of it. While this sounds like a good idea on paper it actually has the opposite effect and here is why.

When you summarize your feed many places you submit your feed end up tossing it out of their directory as they only want full RSS feeds. This already limits you on the amount of exposure you are going to receive. On top of that many people who use RSS feeds to read and organize content also will not add your feed because it does not give them the entire feed further reducing your exposure.

Since I figured this information out I wanted to change my feed on Feedburner to show my entire feed. However within feedburner I could not find the option anywhere. After about 3 hours of research and frustration which I am sure many of you have been though as well I found my answer and wanted to share it with you. Just follow these simple steps…

1. Login to your feedburner account
2. Click on the feed you want to change
3. On this new page where you have tabs such as Analyze, Optimize, Publicize etc. Click on the top link that says Edit Feed Details
4. Your original feed is what is causing the issue, your feed url may look something like this simply add a 2 on the end of it so it looks like give it some time to update or create a new post on your blog and submit it. Feedburner will then instantly update the feed so it displays the full feed.

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There are 2 comments

  • Skott says:

    Hey there – thanks for the post, I am currently trying to move our feeds from excerpts to full posts….you mention above that our Original Feed should end in RSS, and then we simply add a ‘2’.

    What happens if, in my original feed, all I have is:

    Do I add RSS2 to it still…sorry for the foolish questions…a bit of a tech noobie.


  • Sean Supplee says:

    Yup, add the rss2 to the end of it this gives your fee more options and allows feed burner to mess with it a bit more. Please check the rest of your settings within feed burner and make sure that the summary option is not checked.