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Finding A Profitable Niche Introduction
October 8, 2010
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Many marketers will tell you to find a niche in which to brand yourself in and market to. But what exactly is a niche, sub-niche or even a micro-niche? How do you go about finding a niche hungry to buy what you have to offer?

What Is a Niche Market?

A niche market is a market that is targeting a certain demographic. It centers around age, gender, hobbies, interests and more importantly needs. This is where we get into sub-niches.

Sub-niches are an even higher targeted audience for example your niche is “cell phones” your sub-niche would be “smart phones”

We can even get into micro-niches and using the example above a micro-niche for this topic could be “Verizon smart phones”

Why is all of this so important? When it comes to making money online you need to drive any niche you want to promote down into a micro-niche. These micro-niches are also what are called “long tail” keywords. They are keywords someone would type in to find something specific. If your site provides exactly what this person is searching for your conversions rate will soar!

How to find a profitable niche

While many will tell you to pick your passion and follow it, it’s hard to say if this passion of yours will actually lead to any real money. While many people follow their passion very few are successful in the terms of making money from their passion. It is because of this you need to find a middle ground of finding a profitable niche but something you can see yourself writing about and taking some interests into it.

Step back for a moment and think about the current things you read about and enjoy. Could you see yourself writing about this topic and putting in your own reviews and insight day after day? If you can, this could be the right niche for you. Come up with core keywords that describe what your new found niche is about and do a simple keyword research on it. Visit Google’s keyword research tool and type in your keywords. Be sure to select [Exact] under match types only to get the best results.

Do your keywords show over 5,000 searches monthly? This could very well be a profitable niche to get into. I always use 5,000 as a base line for traffic. Anything else the efforts seem to not be worth the traffic. Also consider your competition, figure out what other sites are currently being shown on search engines for your keywords.

Now get out there and find the micro-niche right for you.

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  • Tracy Ingram says:

    Sean, you are right. Picking your niche is the start, and you should pick something you enjoy.