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Free Email List or Buyers Email List?
February 28, 2013

With everyone telling you to build a list in order to make money online there is one key factor that those so called gurus are leaving out. I started list building many years ago and honestly struggled at first. I had a bunch of subscribers but no one was really opening my emails or even worse never bought anything. This is when I re-looked over the entire list building process and came up with the one thing most marketers leave out when teaching you to build your list.

There are two methods to building a list. For this blog post I will be calling them “The Freebie List” and “The Buyers List” both have their purposes but each needs to be treated differently and be built differently.

First lets go over The Freebie List, this is the method most people use when they first get into list building and it’s ok to start here. It’s when you create a standard squeeze page and give away a free product such as an ebook, report, audio, video or just about anything else you can think of. The people opting into this list are looking to get their hands on the free product you are offering. Now where you can slip up is in your follow up emails. By offering more free products and information via your emails you start to train your list in expecting to get everything for free. You will notice that this list rarely converts on any buying offers however they will join up to just about anything they can get their hands on for free.

It’s ok to grow a list like this if that is your goal and in fact I use one myself to test other products I am launching to see how well conversions are for different squeeze pages before I put it out there for the world to see.

To build a buyers list you need to train your list to expect to have to pay something to get the better information. I’m not talking hundreds or even thousands of dollars, although you could if you wanted to, but instead offering a simple $1 offer or $7 upsell later on in your sales funnel. You can either follow up your freebie offer with an upsell for $1 or $7 on the next page or do it later on in your Auto responder series. Either way is effective but the important part here is to separate the lists as soon as the person orders. When someone buys from you even if its $1 you need to get them on your buyers list which will be a separate list from your freebie list.

Your freebie list will be great for testing conversions of new pages, swapping ads with other marketers and so forth. However your buyers list you are going to treat with extra care and only offer paid services, your best stuff at a discount for being a loyal customer.

Once you have created a system such as this you will quickly begin to see results as you start growing your list.

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