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Gearing Up For 2016
December 8, 2015


The start of the new year always invigorates many as they create their new year resolutions. Many of these deal with losing weight and creating a better lifestyle for their family and themselves. This often relates to earning money online.

I have a number of products and projects myself I am wrapping up or already started that I want to launch in 2016. Just be sure you join my list to get first notice to these when they go live.

Lets get into what goes into planning and building of such a site for 2016.

Do you have your own product or want to create your own product?

Doing so is not that difficult but will take a bit of time which you need to allot for. Take a day each week or as often as you can and devote it to just this project. This will allow you to make head way and not burn yourself out.

Creating your own product can be done on just about any topic in which you are good at and have experience or expertise. Your product could be created by Videos, Text, PDFs, Webinar Training, Audio files, Live events and other ideas.

This information can be stored inside of a membership area which only allows access to those who have bought a select product from your sales page. An easy way to do this would any coding would be via Click Funnels which I will be using myself to launch at least 2 of my major products next year.

You can see how easy it now is to spread your message with the world. All you really need now is the passion and the knowledge you want to share and write it down, create images, videos or audio files.

What goes into my planning?

The biggest part about all of this is creating a basic blueprint first of what you want to create and what it should include. Once you have created this blueprint it is just the matter of creating it. I like to plan my projects a few months in advance, with anything I do I become seriously obsessed with them to create them even better then what I originally planned. This often results to me personally not meeting my deadline (which I know I do and because of this I set an earlier date then when I truly want to release it.

Personally I like to strive for about 3-4 products a year. One a quarter but as the year progresses and new tools, ideas and information comes out this could very well expand. It is important to have a core base plan however of what you want to do with the year first and to be sure to hit them.

What would your budget look like?

If your creating the content yourself budget for a good deal of time to invest into it. Apart from this other items you will need to budget for are if your going to run an affiliate program and at what percent will you be awarding to affiliates?

You also should figure out a budget for email creation unless you know how to write decent email copy yourself. You will also need banners I personally use Fiverr or (everyone has their own unique style of how they create ads so I give the same project to a few people to see what they come up with).

I look forward to seeing what you have to create in 2016. Leave a comment below on what you are planning to do in the new year to further your business.

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