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Get Your Free Domain And Learn About Domain Forwarding
January 11, 2019

ClickFunnels is a free trial for 14 days which also offers a free domain when you register! Just click the button below to start your trial.

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Today we are going to go over domain forwarding, what it is and how to set it up within your ClickFunnels account.

What Is Domain Forwarding ?

Much like link shorteners such as where you get a small link that then redirect to another website and tracks it this same thing can happen with domain forwarding. Instead of a script or code running it you instead do it on the domain level. Which simply looks better, more professional and often converts better.(the trust factor)

How To Setup Domain Forwarding On ClickFunnels ?

The above video will go over the details on how to setup domain forwarding and a few other actions you have access to with your newly found ClickFunnels account.

Get Your 14 Day Trial Of ClickFunnels and Free Domain Here

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