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Giveaway Events Are Live Again – Free Entries
November 1, 2018

Last year I started doing a $50 Amazon eGift card giveaway for following me on social networks and spreading some share juice around for my posts.

Well this year I wanted to start that up again but instead of $50 I am giving away $100 Amazon eGift cards all the way up until Christmas!

How Does It Work?

Simply go to and you will be taken to a page that will have a login spot as well as how to earn entries into the giveaway.

I created a short Youtube video on this here

How Do I Enter?

Each part will have a number of entries they can range from visiting one of my blog post, following my social networks or simply visiting a page or offer. Some entries are bonus entries for completing a number of entries above it. Other could be daily entries where you can come back each day and enter again. For example retweeting the contest might be a daily entry.

How Will The Winner Be Notified ?

An email will be sent out to the winner and pending their approval to have their name released it will be published on the giveaway page including a picture of them with the prize if they so wish. If your a marketer yourself and are a winner and want you socials posted on there just let me know! Free branding šŸ˜€

Enjoy the giveaway ladies and gents and most of all enjoy the holidays and the time with your family and friends. Thank you all for taking part in this and supporting me I appreciate it!

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