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April 16, 2011
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Earlier this month Google announced the soon to be released +1 system which will allow searchers to rate links +1 and see what their friends rank it. This brings the social marketing aspect of facebook into creating a social search engine.  This +1 button will be displayed next to search results and soon website owners will be allowed to add the social +1 button to their own sites.

Lets see the +1 button in action

Since +1 is currently in experimental mode  you will need to opt in with Google to access it. You will also need to be logged into your gmail account in order to see the +1 located on search results and adwords.

Social networking seems to be taking over a large aspect of the online community. This is the first real step to social searching allowing you to see what your friends like. This data will most likely effect search results you see and encourage better content rated highly by your friends to be viewed first. This also applies to Adwords placed on the system and will likely increase the value and quality you get from your search results.

Google has tried a number of times creating social networks and being cutting edge. However they still remain behind Facebook and twitter. Google now also has announced the launch of a new social network of their own called Circles which you can read more about here at ReadWriteWeb. With all of these advancements from Google in this month I am expecting to see some major game changes happening in the social networking field. It’s important as internet marketers and business owners to keep on top of the new changes and use them to benefit the advertising of your company.

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  • Hi Sean thank you very much to announce this one. I even don’t know google will launch the new social media until I read your blog post. I’ll keep watching on that one. Thanks again