Google Panda Brings Common Sense Back To Blogging
August 28, 2012

What has Google Panda meant for your blogging? Chances are if your blog has dropped drastically in the search engine rankings then you were probably not doing much right to begin with and were relying on smoke and mirror tricks to gain your rankings rather than true blogging. It’s a harsh reality, but once you face it you can grow your business back to its former glory with a common sense approach. Revamp your blog with these following tips in mind and you will start to see improvements very quickly.

Tips To Improve Rankings Post Google Panda

Even before Google Panda a strong interlinking structure on your blog was very important for getting great rankings, now it’s imperative! Throwing up interlinks with no thought process is a useless tactic, they need to represent the flow of your blogs overall theme. What you are trying to achieve is painting a picture for your reader to get deeper and deeper into your content which of course will increase time spent on your site and also lower your bounce rate which are two important ranking factors. What should I use for the anchor text for my interlinking?

This is where keywords kick in. It’s still good to have a decent amount of your target keyword sprinkled in your posts, but unlike before Google Panda you don’t have to worry about forcing it. Keywords should be just another blended piece of your overall artwork and make the perfect anchor text for interlinks as if you were posting a backlink article somewhere. Remember you are creating a path for Google to follow which is weighted heavier than just single keywords, build you blog with an experience for your readers in mind and you will also get a boost in social SEO factors which have gained importance in rankings as well.

Do Outbound Links Have Any Importance In Rankings

Many bloggers have a fear of sending anyone to a site that they don’t own because they feel that visitor won’t come back, but that’s a misplaced fear. You can provide at least one outbound link to a high authority site such as Wikipedia in each post and actually improve your blog and add to that authority look for yourself. In this manner you can send people to some basic information on a subject rather than taking the time to write about it yourself, much of your readership will appreciate that you have this available for them and it will improve their interaction.

Google Panda And Authority Posts

It’s always been the best policy to make your blog posts as information packed without getting off topic. The old benchmark used to be 350 words to be sure you could get ranked on the search engines, but that doesn’t really make for a true authority post. You don’t have to get carried away with it and write small eBooks, but extend that 350 to 450-500 words per post and you will make your blog look more authoritative to Google Panda.

You don’t need comprehensive reports and new secret tactics to improve your blog ranks post Google Panda. Overthinking it is just a tactic many marketers have been using to drive sales of their new info products and tools that won’t do nearly half of what these common sense tips can. True blogging is back in style, now go fix your blog and make that next post!

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