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Google unleashes their own OS laptop the Chromebook
June 14, 2011

Google has announced their own laptop called the Chromebook which is due to come out some time this month. They are optimized for the web with the goal to provide a faster system for browsing the web and doing things online you love doing already.

Chromebooks are designed to boot in 8-10 seconds and resume instantly. Your sites should run faster and smoother because of the system being designed solely for web use.

With any type of new device you can either use a wifi connection or 3g connection that is offered by Verizon. Currently you get 100MB per month however if you need more you can always upgrade the account. While 3g is a nice option it’s also an option which you are going to end up paying a lot of money for. Lets be honest, anywhere you want to use your laptop anymore I am sure you can find a hot spot or even use the new droid as a hotspot if you have one.

What really makes this laptop unique is running it off of a cloud. Simply put that means the laptop has no hard drive and all your apps and data are instead saved on a server somewhere in Google land. This means you can use any chromebook and login to your account and pick up the same web experience you would even with someone elses chromebook. Web apps such as games, spreadsheets and photos can be used often times without even being connected to the web which will improve the power of the system. Also your apps stay up to date increasing the value of your chromebook over time instead of reducing it which is the case of many traditional laptops as hardware gets old.

The top companies that will be building these laptops are Acer and Samsung. They can be bought either through Amazon or Best buy.

Overall I think this is an innovative step in taking laptops and the internet to a whole new level. I am not sure if people are yet ready for a cloud based laptop but I applaud Google for being fresh and innovative yet again.

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There are 5 comments

  • I like the look of this new laptop, will take a closer look once it is released in the uk.

  • swiitpea says:

    Eager to try this out. I do everything on the PC in the cloud and have been for almost a year now. Been waiting for this…

    In fact, for a while now, I have chosen NOT to use any services/apps that do not offer cloud-based access.

    So for people like me who still want the comfort of a physical keyboard and do practically everything on the web, this sounds like it’s worth a try.


  • I wish there is some chrome book tin our country in order to try it. What about the price? Is it cheap? I think you don’t need a very good specs but a good Internet connection in order to maximize the usage.

  • Sean Supplee says:

    Prices the highest I have seen is about $500 for one which is not bad at all. Internet connection will play a huge part in how fast and how well you can use the system.

  • DNS Hosting says:

    I am a bit on the shaky side. I think google should stick to what they are good at, search engines. This isn’t world domination.