It’s hard trying to find someone reliable and trustworthy online to take care of some of your most important tasks. This is why I am now offering  my services to you (for limited number of people). I want to work with you and help you out with your projects so you to can be even more successful.

Click Funnels, Funnel Consultant

Do you need help building your funnel and connecting all the integration ? I now offer my funnel services in both a coaching aspect as well as building out your funnel for you from the ground up! Let me help you get your funnels up and running faster, smoother and optimized. This is for Click Funnels only!

$50 Per hour or contact me for large projects or full funnel builds. Click Here To Contact Me Directly

I look forward to working with you soon and helping you build your profitable business online.

“Sean was my knight in shining armor. I needed immediate help setting up funnel pages to sell my two new books and he patiently worked with me to get the job done. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to Click Funnels and the books are selling great! Thanks Sean!” SPJ

Sherry Peel Jackson



Blogging is a must for any business now a days. The amount of traffic you can get from blogs both relies on your ability to provide fresh unique content and knowing the proper SEO techniques. I offer you two of my services here. SEO work on your blog will bring it up to the proper standards to rank you higher for keywords and continued work on each post you make throughout the month.  I also offer writting on your blog 4 posts as a guest with fresh quality postings of 700 words or more targeted towards a high traffic keyword for each. (I only do SEO, Making Money Online, Affiliate marketing type niches)

SEO Work on your blog – $250 Monthly where I dedicate to optimization of your blog posts for that month up to 10 total. If more then 10 posts either select the 10 you want optimized or I can review and pick out the ones I feel would yield the best results *Note SEO takes a good deal of time do not expect high results after just a month.

Guest Blog Posts – Guest poster 4 articles monthly – $425 Monthly (700 words + per article)

Please contact me to order or with any questions at: Contact Sean Supplee