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How Bloggers Make Money
May 25, 2010

Since I started this blog I have gone into finding what is the best way to both provide valuable information to my readers and at the same time make money. In the months of searching I ran into a huge diversity of methods to make money from your blogging.

As always I recommend any bloggers or anyone looking to make money online to build multiple streams of income. If something where to happen to one of the streams your others could pick up the weight of the lost stream until you can fix it and get it producing income for you once again.

Here are the methods I have found and also use to generate different streams of income from blogging.

Advertising Programs – Perhaps the most popular and most seen method for generating income from a blog is the placement of Adsense from Google. More recent additions have  been successful to the blogging world that work just like Adsense such as , Bidvertiser, AdBrite and Clicksor.

RSS Advertising – This has become very popular over the last year. Adsense now allows you to run Adsense ads inside of your RSS feed. I currently do so with Feedburner. While not much is made from ads on RSS feeds it still acts as an additional revenue source if you wish it.

Sponsorships – Are when companies or other product owners come to you and ask you to write up a review of their product or service after you have tried it out. This is called a post by post sponsorship where you are giving your expert opinion.

Affiliate Programs – This is where I spend much of my time on this blog. That is affiliate marketing from programs such as Amazon, Linkshare, Clickbank , Commission Junction and PayDotCom.

Digital Assets – This is a new tactic that many bloggers are catching on to. By creating ebooks, courses and tele-seminars that are run by the blog owners and sold for money.

Blog Network Opportunities – This is where you get hired to post blog posts on others blogs. While it might be hard to get such a gig at a high end blog there are plenty of smaller blogs seeking and looking for active bloggers to come and leave some posts on their blog. It is a good idea to join these blog networks and write a number of unique posts on it as most will already be established with plenty of traffic coming to them. Within a few months here at Sean Supplee I will be offering other bloggers the chance to come in and submit their own articles and create a profile for themselves.

Business Blog Writing Opportunities – Like to write but want to do it for someone else? This just might be for you Bloggers for Hire is a company that connects blog owners to writers. Many larger companies have an internal structure of people that run and manage their blogs as it is an ever increasing part of their business. This is your chance to cash in on it.

Donations and Wish Lists – When you post quality some people like to go out of their way to thank you for helping them out. You can either add a Paypal donate button (I don’t recommend this to often) or instead create a wish list on Amazon of books and things you want. More often then not people will buy you an item off your wish list and send it to you. Check out my wish list at – Sean Supplee’s wish list

Flipping Blogs – This takes a bit of time, it is the practice of buying blogs that are not doing so well and reselling them for a profit once traffic starts flowing to them. I recommend using a site called Flippa to do this.

MerchandisingCafepress offers the ability to place any logo you wish on great products. This is the easiest way to merchandise your brand on physical items such as shirts, mugs, bags, Flip Mino’s, clocks and so much more. You can visit my blogs Cafepress site and pick yourself up some great looking products at: Sean Supplee’s CafePress

Consulting and Speaking – Blogging has brought up a new generation of people, those who knew little about a niche they blogged about are now experts. Because of this many bloggers speak at events for a price because of the reputation their blogs has made them. They also bring in people they consult on their niche charging upwards of $200 per hour! I will soon be putting my experience on sale via the tab above “Coaching”

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Sean Supplee is the founder and CEO of this blog, Its got my name on it! Passion drives me to help other bloggers and those looking to take their knowledge and share it with the world. Coach, Mentor, Social Strategist and Funnel Consultant.

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