How I Created My Own Android App In 8 Minutes
March 23, 2013

With more and more people using Android devices such as Phones, Tablets and even mini laptops such as chrome books it was a no brainier that it was time for me to start getting into creating apps. Take it from me I am no programmer and I didn’t want to pay someone a ton of money or try to explain what I wanted in my app. This is when I stumbled into a solid program called Green App Machine which allowed me to create a powerful app for my blog.

Here are the simple steps it took to create my app which you can find on the Google play store at Sean Supplee Dot Com App


This was all created with the Green App Machine

Step 1: Setup your application details such as app name description and a cover image for it. Use something that will really stick out and grab attention while people are browsing.

Enter Your Application Details









Step 2: In this step you will add what type of content you want your app to have. You will also be able to set up ads that will earn you money from your new app free or paid app.

Fill in the type of content you want your app to have along with how to monetize it with ads.












Step 3: Fill in some content about your website, twitter page and Facebook fan page along with other great content your honestly limitless. Then preview the app yourself so you can see how others will see it on their mobile devices.

Preview your new app











Step 4: Publish your new creation and add it to the Android marketplace. This took me the most time as it was brand new to me however doing it again it would only take me about 2-3 minutes. Also you will need to wait anywhere between 30 minutes to 24 hours for Google to approve your new application. Mine was approved in under 3 hours and is now live! Super cool!

Publish your new creation and start earning











You can start building your own Android apps  yourself by joining the Green App Machine. This powerful user friendly system is sure to increase your presence and also teach you how to make a solid income from your newly created apps.

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