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How Often Should I Post
May 9, 2019

When it comes to blogging is there a magic number to how often you should post?

The simple answer is No

However what does matter is how consistent you are.

Just like with any social media platform you build an audience and that audience gets accustomed to the time you show up and post each day. By being consistent you will be able to attract more readers but also have your repeat visitors who are eager to read your new content.

It is also important to post across other platforms on a consistent basis as well.

For example my current postings are
Instagram 11am Inspiration 1pm Story (swipeup to a blog post)
Twitter 9am Inspiration 11am blog post
Pinterest 10:30am Inspiration 2pm Blog Post 5:45pm Youtube Video

I also automation much of this through a program called TailwindApp which you can try out for free by clicking on the button below.

Try TailWind For Free

By automating some of these processes I can gain a further reach in less time. Without hiring another person I know that this simple application is automating what would of taken me hours every month into a 1 hour setup process I do once a month in the beginning. There are even times where I setup further future posts as far as 3 months in advance which means I never have to touch it again in that 3 month period of time.


If your interested in Marketing Automation I would highly recommend checking out my Youtube channel and going to the marketing automation playlist which I will continue to add videos to.

Check Out The Youtube Playlist Here

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